Journal & Burn

As my second year at CCNM is coming close to an end (I’m done May 1st!) I am finding there is really not enough time in the days. I wanted to put together a quick post today for you guys about journalling. And to be honest, I have never been a big journal-er. I always found painting or drawing a better release but unfortunately I have found less and less time for my artistic side as my life has grown much more hectic. But….. the concept of ‘journal + burn’ was introduced to me by my intern. I have found it incredibly helpful to release and work though feelings I was having trouble confronting.

I have noticed that often when people recognize an emotional blockage, a troubling emotion or feeling, or a thought they cannot quite find an answer to, they’re at a loss for a ‘next step.’ Perhaps this sounds like a familiar thought: “I know I have this issue, but how can I fix it?” I think the idea that we have to ‘fix’ any problem we become aware of can perhaps be counterproductive. Maybe just recognizing the feeling is enough. But if you do want to take this a step further I highly recommend the method of journal and burn.

So what is ‘Journal & Burn’?


The major point I want to get across about this type of journalling is that it is meant to help tune you in to your subconscious and to allow your inner voice to really speak to you. We all have this voice, some of us may be more in-tune than other’s. Some of us may listen a little more closely than others. Sometimes emotional blockages are the result of ignoring our true inner voice…..

Use blank paper. You don’t want to be confined by lines. Hand write! Hand writing is important because it promotes flow and the activation of our more creative brain centres. I used a colourful marker (purple) to help increase the creativity of the exercise too. Now just write. Write for 3 full pages. Even if you’re writing one word over and over. Try to detach logic, over-thinking or any criticism. Allow your hand to lead you. You might be surprised at how easily the words will tumble onto the page.

Typically, people who journal often have stacks of old journals in the garage, attic or bookshelf. Because this exercise is meant to release and acknowledge subconscious feelings and thoughts the next step is to destroy your pages. If you can burn the pages its best. In essence you are releasing your blockage back to the universe. If you cannot safely do this, shred or tear the paper and discard. It is up to you if you want to read what has tumbled out of you. You really don’t need to, but sometimes it is surprising the messages you give to yourself. Regardless, its a great tool to work though anything that you feel has been lingering in your heart or your head. I included the last line of my last 3 sessions. I encourage you to try this out at least once 🙂

Day 1:

” Love & own your mistakes, let them go. Give them back to the universe with the promise to grow and learn. Self love replaces self-doubt.”

Day 2:

 “Cherish. A word you need to apply to your own life. A word you need to apply to yourself.”

Day 3:

“Have faith in the events of your life. It doesn’t matter if ‘everything happens for a reason,’ whatever does happen you have the love, the power, the knowledge and the faith to face it”

3 thoughts on “Journal & Burn

  1. Iuliana Corman says:

    As always, great post Ali! Definitely going to be trying this soon… been feeling the weight of problems/thoughts I can’t seem to shake lately. Can’t wait to read your next post!

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